BLOG – Welcome to Day One.

Welcome to Empire Chic

Empire Chic
Empire Chic has two major components.

  1. Content related posts (style, beauty, wine & dine)
  2. Blog posts

Content related posts will be about general content related things and blog posts will be real, life updates on things I’m currently working on.

A Luxe Blog
Previously, I had another blog that I worked on for a couple of months. I learned which topics actually interested me and how to intertwine them with my life. I wanted to start fresh and therefore have merged over my old blog and made a new, coherent, updated version of what I wanted to do.

If you’re from my old blog, you’ll see many of the new posts will be the same ones from the old blog. These were some of my most popular posts and did not want to lose the great content so I transferred them over.

With my old blog, I was anon throughout the year. Now, I’m opening up the bridge, which you’ll see my social media as another medium of contacting and interacting with me. Please feel free to follow along!

With that being said, Empire Chic is born… Join me on an adventure from the boardroom to everything else in life.


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