Fashion – Tips for the Workplace

Top 9 tips women should know about fashion in a professional office setting.

#1.  Avoid anything sheer.

#2.  Keep the boobies in!  Wear a camisole/shell/tank-top under a top that has a deep v neckline. If your top requires a strapless bra, leave it for the weekend.

#3.  Don’t over accessorize. Bracelets  and huge statement necklaces can be noisy and distracting in an office setting.  This is not to say, don’t wear ANY accessories, just choose the appropriate type/amount. Stick to wearing just one bracelet, a watch, earring studs, a couple of rings, and a dainty or small necklace.

#4.  Skip the heavy perfume. Heavy perfume can give your co-workers a headache.Use light perfume, or give it a light spray before work.  As an alternative, you can apply lotion and freshen up throughout the day instead.

#5.  Save the skintight clothing for the club. Bodycon skirts and dresses may show your figure off nicely but it’s not for the workplace. Even if it is knee length!

#6.  Do the sit check.  Your boss and/or co-workers don’t want to see your underwear every time you approach them or vice-versa.  Make sure that your underwear isn’t showing at the top of your bottoms when sitting or standing.

#7.  Leave the yoga pants at the gym. Activewear is not the place for work.

#8.  Ditch the flip flops. Flips flops are not really shoes and inappropriate for the workplace even on casual Friday

#9.  Leave your  4+ inch stilettos / platform heels / strappy heels at home. They’re great for going out but if you can’t walk in them or they look like they would pair nicely with a bodycon dress, just leave them at home. This is not to say don’t wear heels but keep them at a minimum black / nude pump with an appropriate heel size for you.

Every office and company is different and may have different rules on what you can wear. Make sure you understand what your office looks for and apply those rules accordingly.


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