Beauty – Urban Decay Smoky vs. Naked 3

About a month ago Sephora, ULTA, & Urban Decay all had the Naked Smoky Palette at $27 USD and as a makeup lover I decided to get it. If you’re trying to see which palette to get, or if you just want to see both swatched keep reading!

When I heard this palette was going to go on sale for $27USD, I was stoked! I definitely needed much darker colors and had been wanting this palette for a while now. Hopefully everyone who wanted this palette had a chance to get it as well!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.09.45 AM.png



The Smoky palette has more pigmentation. It has a a set of cooler-toned shades ranging from beige to black and grey. The formula feels different than previous Urban Decay releases; it feels noticeably drier and chalkier.

The shadows in the Naked 3 are rose-toned, ranging from pearl colors to pinks and purples all the way to dark browns and black. This palette has a few more shimmer shadows than matte it’s got enough of each to satisfy your needs.

Overall, the darker colors on both palettes are definitely more pigmented than the lighter colors.  The above swatches are either one or two “dips” into the palettes, so it does take a little bit of work to get color. Both palettes come with a mixture of mattes, shimmers, and satins and would work with any skin tone, cool or warm.

*Tip: For the shimmer shades, I like to dip my brush in setting spray  and then get the shadow, as it makes for a bolder brighter color.

As of now, I haven’t had a great chance to really try out the Smoky palette in terms of looks, so i can definitely say the Naked 3 is still my go to but I’m excited to create new looks!



2 thoughts on “Beauty – Urban Decay Smoky vs. Naked 3

    1. Always wait for sales. Ulta has the Smoky on sale a couple of times a year. For the Naked 3, I used my VIB discount from the Sephora semi-annual sale. xo

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