Wash your Beauty Blender using Laundry Detergent & Body Soap

I wash my beauty blender with laundry detergent and body soap. Yep, you read that right. I’ve found that these two items wash my beauty blender the best.


  1. Rinse beauty blender with water (Just as if you were about to use it)
  2. Spot clean with Irish Spring body soap
    1. Put body soap bar under the faucet
    2. Rub beauty blender in bar
  3. Finish cleaning beauty blender with Tide Laundry Detergent
    1. Put Laundry Detergent on beauty blender
    2. Wash as normal 

The Results:





As you can see, the results are great! I’ve used other things to clean it like face wash, hand soap, kitchen soap and olive oil and I think that has to be the best combination I’ve tried so far.

After washing the Beauty Blender with Laundry Detergent + body soap combination, I noticed that the laundry detergent fragrance is noticeable for a few weeks.

The detergent alone will not remove spots, which is why a body soap is needed to combat stains. I rub the beauty blender spots straight on the body soap and in minutes they are gone.

As a reminder, Laundry D-e-t-e-r-g-e-n-t is a detergent, therefore it will remove grease and dirt, making clothes and dishes clean. Your beauty blender will end up feeling somewhat dry.


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