Travel Recap – Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico


Hello loves! Last year, I went with family to Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico for two weeks to visit family and go sight seeing. I’ll be talking about one of my favorite things we did, sightsee in a double decker bus around Guadalajara, early Sunday morning!

We stayed at a hotel about 10 minutes from the Guadalajara centro (downtown area). We walked and got to the Recorridos Tapatio Tour booth at 10:00AM, right when they opened. The booth is located on the north side of Cathedral so it was really easy to locate. I had already researched prior to and we decided that this tour was good, not only because it was inexpensive, but also because we got to see and tour around the city. Friday through Sunday’s are the most expensive days, and we paid $130 MXP per person (less than $10 USD)

The Tapatio Tour has four routes and initially,  we wanted to go on the Guadalajara tour, but because of construction throughout the city, they informed us that the tour would be cut short so we decided otherwise and chose Tlaquepaque (a small city outside of Guadalajara).  We waited about 15min for our double decker bus to arrive and contemplated whether going on the top would be feasible with the heat and burning Guadalajara sun. We were loonies and chose to ride on the bottom of the bus, still great for sightseeing!

Each tour does stops at certain locations of interests. Our first stop was at the Museo del Ejercito Militar y Fuerza Aerea (my dad’s choice). It showcased the history of the Mexican military including healthcare, technology, and the aviation. Honestly it was a great choice, it was interesting and I was able to get some great pictures.

2016-05-17 09.54.17 2.jpg
Every location of interest has a bus stop where a double decker bus arrives every hour until approximately 6PM. This means that at every stop you have approximately one hour to look around and jump on the next one (all included in that hefty price tag). Before leaving the bus, the bus driver tells you what time the next buses will stop.

The tour includes other monuments and architecture that they go over the tour but our other stop was at Tlaquepaque. Known for its artesenias (crafts), we saw street venders with amazing handblown glass items and rag dolls. At that stop, we also got a chance to go on a Tequila tour at Tequilas del Senor Destilario de Plata, the only distillery in Guadalajara! This too was included in the tour! Now, if you wanted to do a tasting of the tequilas it was going to be $50MXP (Less than $5) and it included 3 tequilas and 2 liquors. I will be doing a blog post on the proper way to drink tequila and how to best enjoy the taste of tequila without getting drunk.

At about 3:00PM we jumped onto a double decker bus and headed back to Guadalajara. If you’re in Guadalajara or in another city try to find a tour similar to this. It is highly recommended! Those $130MXP go a long way. I would love to go back and do all of the tours!


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