Tequila – The proper way of drinking it.

In my trip to Guadalajara, I got the opportunity to tour a local distillery where they showed us the proper way to enjoy the rich flavors of tequila without getting wasted!

Difference between Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.
Walking down a liquor store aisle, you may see different types of tequila and you ask yourself, well what is the difference? The difference is in the aging process before it is bottled.

Blanco (Silver): Has not been aged. It is “new” tequila that is bottled immediately after distillation.
Reposado (Gold): Has been aged for less than 365 days. It is “rested” tequila typically rested more than 60 days.
Anejo: Has been aged for more than 365 days. It is “aged” tequila that has been aging from 1 to 3 years in the barrel.

The longer a tequila has been aged in a barrel, the darker the color will be and the higher the cost. To get the best tequila experience, look for those with a label of “100% agave” as those which don’t contain the label, only contain 51% real tequila.

No more shot glasses
Shots after shots after shots will not help you enjoy the real taste of tequila. According to our tour guide, this method will not get you drunk and you’ll enjoy tequila much more. 

When drinking tequila, the glass makes a huge difference. Many bars will serve tequila in shot glasses and are entirely wrong. Use a small brandy snifter, or a wine glass. These types of glasses concentrate the aromas of the tequila helping you get the full experience and flavor.

Prepare your body
Before you start tasting, gently swirl your tequila in your glass for a couple of seconds (as you do with wine) and take sniff. Take note of the flavors you can discern. This steps opens up your nose and prepares your body for the tequila.

Next, your mouth needs to “warm up” and become acquainted with straight tequila. Without this warm-up, the tequila will taste very fiery and you’ll miss many of the flavors.

Take a sip. Not too large, not too small. Let the tequila swish all over your mouth. You are preparing you body and opening up all of your senses to drink the tequila. Drink the tequila, it will still feel strong but not as strong as it would if it were a straight shot.

Now, your body is prepared. Take a normal sip. This time around you will be able to savor the flavors. As you swallow, you may sense even more flavors. After swallowing, pause a moment, and pay attention to the aftertaste, or finish.

Wrapping up
Drinking tequila this way, will allow you to enjoy it the proper way. According to our tour guide, this is the way to go if you actually want to taste and enjoy the rich flavors of tequila.


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