Review – Erase Your Face: Makeup Removing Cloth

Forget about disposable makeup removing wipes. Erase Your Face by Danielle Creations removes all cosmetics with a machine washable cloth and warm water – nothing else!

I’m starting to become a skin freak – and have had trouble finding makeup wipes since they’re either always dry, too rough, or made my face feel gross. Over the holidays, as I was looking for Christmas presents, I found myself in the Beauty section at Kohl’s. They had the Erase your Face cloths, so I decided to try them out.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Erase Your Face:
At my Kohl’s, they had the one pack, two pack and four pack available. I chose the two pack, which came with the black and pink cloths, to initially try them out.

In the back of the package we see the following claims.

“The cloth has the ability to remove all makeup, even waterproof mascara without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic makeup removers. With just warm water, each cloth will remove the toughest makeup and will be sure to give you a fresh, clean feeling.”

The size of the cloths are good. They are approximately 16 inches in length, and 6.5 inches in width.

Two pack – $9.99 at Kohl’s   |  Four pack – $9.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

I tried looking for the direct links at Kohl’s but i think they might have discontinued them online. Check your local store, you might have better luck. Bed Bath and Beyond also has them at the same price, but for the four pack!

My Experience:
Testing the above claims, I did exactly what it said. After a couple of dramatic night looks, I ran the cloth under hot water and rubbed all over my face. Just like that, my makeup was off completely. I honestly don’t understand how or why it happens but it’s magic! I didn’t need to use additional cleansers, oils, or makeup removers. Gentle pressure is all you need.

//You don’t need any cleansers to remove your makeup but I would advise using a cleanser afterwards to remove any remaining makeup on your face. Because I have problematic skin, I dislike sleeping with makeup on and will use my favorite bar soap to cleanse my face afterwards.

//Wash the cloth before using it (as the packaging says). If you don’t wash, the first time you use it, you will see little fuzzies from the fabric in your face. – Lesson learned. 

//The cloths are soft and non-irritating for my skin (oily-combination), so I would imagine they would be perfect for sensitive or dry skin types as well.

Overall Recommendations:
If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly and inexpensive alternative to disposable makeup wipes, these are perfect. Gone are the days where your skin would be left feeling dry and hard from all the scrubbing you’d have to do. These are great for your skin, your wallet, and the environment.


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