BLOG – Workout Motivation

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I’ll be starting work in a couple of weeks and I want to get off on the right track with good habits. One habit I want to accomplish is working out everyday. Here’s my four step plan on how to stick to working out.

//Set a schedule
At the beginning of each week or month set a workout schedule. Pull up your calendar and input the 30 or 60 minute time slot and schedule it. This way, if you have a workout on you schedule and someone wants to hang out you can say, I’m free after this time.

You can also commit to a time everyday. Whether you’re a morning person and like to go for those 5AM runs, or prefer Kickboxing at 7PM everyday, if you schedule it on your calendar you will most likely do it.

//Workout with friends
Working out can be boring. One way to just start going to the gym is going with friends. Even if you don’t exercise regularly with them, checking in with one another keeps you accountable.

If friends are busy, make friends at the gym. If you go regularly, it is likely that others are consistent and go at that time as well.

//Mix up workouts 
Mixing up your workout is great for your body and mind. Personally, I have a habit of doing the same exercise for days – I love the elliptical.  However, after a few weeks the same exercise gets boring or too easy.

To prevent this, find workouts that you enjoy and rotate them. Do a workout class every other day, or once a week. Do a kickboxing on Monday, Arms Tuesday, Yoga Wednesday, Spinning on Thursday, and Abs Friday. By mixing workouts and classes, you will less likely be bored.

//Look good, feel good
Workout gear is your best friend. Finding the right workout gear motivates you to not only go to the gym but also feel good at the gym. Find a good pair of yoga pants, a workout tank, and some gym shoes and you’ll be ready to go.

Don’t forget accessories like a gym bag and a water bottle. Both essential for after work workouts.


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