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I’ve been busy in action for the past month? and have not been able to update you guys on new content. Here’s a quick recap of where I’ve been these past couple of weeks. It was filled with fun and work. I was going to write about everything that has been going on but I will split it up between two blog posts. This one was long enough.

The Zoo 

My mom was on vacation for two weeks and we decided not to travel anywhere but to explore our city the best way possible. Surprisingly, she wanted to go to the zoo so we took a trip down to Lincoln Park Zoo in Lincoln Park and spent a day there. Normally, I would object going to the zoo, but since it was my mom’s idea I decided, why not. Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo just north of the Loop in Chicago all you pay for is parking. We decided to not park at the zoo and used Spothero to park a couple blocks away and saved $15. I always use parking apps throughout the city and they never failed me. Want to try Spothero? Use my link and we both get $5 (

The zoo is nicely spread out and not crowded. We went on a Wednesday and it was full of students and children on field trips but wasn’t super packed that you couldn’t move. There were multiple restaurant and eating areas. We were going to try a concession stand for a quick snack but decided to go to the Cafe at Wild Things. We had a couple parfaits and they were delicious, plus the view from a top provided a great sight of the lions. If you are ever in Chicago, you should definitely check it out!

Downtown Chicago

The next day we took the CTA downtown and took a tour of the city. I showed my mom my new workplace location (she was impressed) and then hopped back on the train to stop for breakfast at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. We decided to not reserve a table ahead of time and just wait our turn once we got there. Being that it was on a Thursday, we waited about 10 minutes for a table (Not bad!). I would suggest making a reservation if you have a bigger party or you go on the weekend. Once seated, we opted for pancakes, a Hazelnut Latte and an Iced Cafe Mocha.

Being that Wildberry is across from Millennium park, we crossed over and looked over at the Jay Pritzker Pavillon, took a peak at the garden, and took pictures at the bean. We also crossed over to the BP Pedestrian Bridge and were able to see Grant Park and the Maggie Daley Park.

The fun didn’t stop there, after Millennium we hopped on a bus and rode it down to Navy Pier. We walked up and down the outside dock, enjoyed viewing the boats, wanted to go on the ferris wheel but my mom didn’t want to get on (She’s scared of heights). My mom had been to Navy Pier before and I asked her if it was just how she remembered it. (It wasn’t)  There has been recent renovations to Navy Pier including all these great dining options.

After Navy Pier, we hopped on another bus and went to Water Tower Place and shopped. We bought one thing at Forever 21 and left. After a couple hours, we hopped back on the CTA train and headed home.I wanted to take her to State Street for more shopping but there was little time leftWriting this tires me out as I reminisce on all the walking we did.

So that’s part of what I have been doing, these past weeks. Keep on the look out for part two. I’m back on track!



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