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Here’s part two of where I’ve been. So for the past 2 weeks we’ve been fixing our home and putting in new flooring and painting. Our previous floor had been the original flooring that had been put in since they built the house and was very squeaky.



Before construction began, we had to remove everything on the first floor. Now, that doesn’t seem too hard but when you have built up years of furniture and need to store it in the basement for a week, it’s difficult. Before the new floors, we wanted to re-paint our home since it’d be easier to paint as we didn’t have to care about the floor. We took 2 long days of painting walls, ceilings, and trims for 6 rooms total. A couple days later, the flooring guys came and started to work.

After a long week of living in our basement, the flooring guys did a great job and we have started to settle in. We ended up going with a much darker wood color and a grey/blue palette for the walls.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 12.51.39 PM.png

I believe the wood type the flooring guys used used was white oak, stained with MinWax Honey 272. It was also coated with the glossy finish. We had trouble deciding on a color because Honey, Early American, and Special Walnut all looked very similar. Honey was the darkest of the three and it ended up being the one we chose.

Honey has hints of dark brown, light brown, red, and black. I love how this color has a multitude of colors within it and it changes depending on the light surrounding it and wall color. As you can see in the picture above, the actual floors look darker than the picture online so be careful when picking out colors.

Room color:

Now for my room, I opted for a purple-toned grey for my bedroom and closet. I wanted to go with a more modern and sophisticated look for my bedroom while still matching the burgundy red tones from my bedroom furniture and the brown flooring. When we originally picked colors, we didn’t know what floor color we would choose so I tried to pick a color that would look good with dark and lighter flooring.

The color I chose was Whirlwind from Pittsburgh Paints. Menards was having a great sale and this was the color closest to the inspiration pics I had found on Pinterest. Comparing it with the picture above, it’s pretty similar but darker than what I originally wanted. The accent colors in my room will be white, to bring in a lighter feel to it, and possibly another color like pink or colorful pieces around my room.



I’ll do a quick room recap/decor after I finish decorating it and take pictures. I’m still waiting on a couple of things, like buying more storage for my boots, purses, and random paperwork. Mostly storage and organization pieces that are critical in my closet. I plan on buying a couple of accent pieces like I said above and utilizing trinkets I’ve gathered from traveling.

I also might get a new vanity set from Ikea [Alex drawers]. I’m still not sure because (1) i already have a dresser with a huge mirror on top of it, and (2) my room is small, I don’t want it to be super cramped.

If I don’t buy the Alex drawer vanity, I might just buy the Alex drawer unit with 9 drawers to replace my current makeup drawer area that I use. I really want to get a new one because it doesn’t sustain heavy hair tools and one of the drawers is broken.

I am done updating you with my life and will keep you guys updated on my room. Keep a lookout for my room tour/decor post and new beauty posts that will be on the way!



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