Fashion – Weather Forecasts with Outfit Choices

Ever had a tough time deciding what to wear? Living in a crazy city that can have all four seasons in one day is exhausting. I never know what to wear according to the temperature outside.

What I would usually do is check the weather on my phone, go outside and actually check the weather, and then pick my outfit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s a complete fail. It can be nice and sunny in the morning, then raining and humid in the afternoon (like today).

After searching high and low, I found a website that helps you coordinate your outfit according to your location’s weather!

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 1.20.03 PM.png
Daily Dress Me

Daily Dress Me is a website that coordinates outfits according to the weather however it uses actual pieces from stores like TopShop, Nordstrom, etc.

It also helps men choose their outfits, but in my opinion it is less helpful than the woman’s side. If you go on the site and don’t like the outfit they chose for the day, you can refresh it and they have chosen a couple of outfits for each day so that you can see the different styles.

Unfortunately it’s not an app, it’s a website so if you’re trying to access it on your phone it’s less efficient. However, I’ve found that it has helped me get ready for the day a bit easier. Daily Dress Me is the perfect guide for coordinating outfits. I do hope they come out with features to include the type of outfit you want to wear. (professional, dressy, casual)


One thought on “Fashion – Weather Forecasts with Outfit Choices

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