BLOG – Boot Organization

Mainstays Underbed Bag

Having in a small room means having a good organization system. After redecorating, I thought about a better system of storing my winter / fall boots over the summer in a tight space and on a budget.

Under bed Canvas Bags
The bag I bought was one from Walmart. I bought the 2pc bags because I was going to store them on a top shelf in my closet. However, I noticed they were not stackable so I decided to store them underneath my bed. Pictured below are some similar to the ones I bought. The ones I bought were bigger, taller, and had two handles.

2pk Mainstays Underbed Bag

Pairs of Boots
I was able to fit 6 pairs of fall boots (non Ugg boots) and 1 pair of booties. Four of the pairs of boots had heels and the other two were flat. The canvas bags are tall enough that you are able to stack two pairs together.

If you were to put in winter like boots like Uggs, you would probably be able to fit three without stacking them and six if you stack them. I haven’t tried it myself but that is just an estimate.

The canvas bags I bought were a 2 pack from Walmart that cost less than $10. However, Menards is having a solid deal on their underbed storage right now FREE after rebate.

Check if your local Menards is having that particular sale. The one on sale is a one piece which is great if you have a lot of shoes or even clothes to fill it up with.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.08.18 AM.png
Menards Under Bed Organizer

Canvas Over Plastic

I thought long and hard about the material I was going to use to store my boots. Here are the three reasons why i chose a canvas bag over a plastic rolling bin. The first reason is that canvas bags are easier to store under the bed. I can fill up the bag a bit higher if needed and  with a plastic bin, you are limited with storage.

The canvas bag I bought is also machine washable. I can drop it in the washing machine and it’ll take care of itself. With the plastic bin, you would have to wash and dry it by hand.

The most important reason is that the canvas bag won’t hold onto mold as easy as a plastic bin. Chicago is humid all the time, especially in the summer. So if you’re thinking about storing your shoes in a basement or live in an area that is humid a lot of the times, then a canvas bag is better.

I love that the canvas bag has a see-through top. Without opening the bag, you can see all its components. If you have a small room and need a way of organizing your boots or other clothing items, under bed storage is a perfect and inexpensive way to store your boots.


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