Beauty Trend – Microwaving a Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

Microwaving a beauty blender? What? After seeing the trend on Twitter, I decided to try it out.

For those who may not know about the trend, it consists of putting a beauty blender in your microwave in order to clean it.

Below is the Twitter post I saw last month and I finally tried it with my two beauty sponges.

Instructions: (As seen on the post)
1. Grab a cup of water
2. Pour in soap (I used dawn liquid dish soap)
3. Dump in your beauty blender
4. Put in microwave for 1 min.

I didn’t have fairy liquid so I used regular dish soap as it should work similar to the real thing.

I put the beauty blender in the cup and microwaved. After microwaving my beauty blender for one minute, I took it out and to my disappointment it was still dirty.

I tried a second time. I refilled the cup of water with soap and put it in the microwave with 30 second intervals taking it out and pressing on the blender to get rid of the gunk. It was way cleaner the second time around, but I still wanted it to be like new so I repeated the above steps and microwaved again.

In the end, I microwaved the beauty blender 3 times and look at the results below! The top two pictures are the before, and the bottom two are the after.

Colorthe world
Although my beauty blender does not look like new, it does look way better than how it did in the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this method over all the other previous cleaning methods. If you keep up with a weekly cleaning, it should keep your beauty blender looking like new. It only took me three minutes, and I didn’t have to use a special cleanser or leave my hands looking dry after cleaning the beauty blender on a bar of soap.

Note: My beauty blender is about 4 years old and has had major eyeliner staining that I’ve never been able to get rid of. This is the black part you can visibly see in the clean beauty blender. Yes, the black staining was covered by old foundation!

1. Use a glass cup when cleaning your beauty blender. I used a plastic cup and it ended up melting and making a spill the first time I tried it.
2. Be careful when getting the cup out of the microwave and the beauty blender out of the water. Although you only microwave it for one minute, the beauty blender gets hot to squeeze.
3. Clean your beauty blender weekly to avoid tough stains like mine above.


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