Purse Essentials: Top 5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

Purse essentials
I have two handbags that I love and wear dearly. One is specifically for work, and the other is my weekend purse. However, some days I opt for a more casual small cross body if I’m going out. Whichever purse I choose, I always make sure that my essentials remain the same. Check out my top 5 things I never leave home without!

  • Lip Balm – I keep a tin of lip balm in my purse because I have a fear of getting dry, chapped lips. Here’s a quick review of the balm I currently love.
  • Perfume – Sample perfume bottles are lifesavers. You never know when you’re going to run into someone. You can quickly grab your sample, head to the bathroom and freshen up! Having a perfume bottle can save you from a hot summer day and can transform any daytime look to nighttime.
  • Sunglasses – If they’re not sitting on top of my head, you’re sure to find them in my purse. I always make sure to have sunglasses with to protect my eyes from the sun. Sunnies are a major plus. If I’m walking down the street and don’t want anyone to talk or look at me, wearing them will always work.
  • Eye Drops – One of the reasons I carry eye drops with me is because I wear contacts. Occasionally, I get something in my eye or my contact starts to feel funny. When you’re out and about you might not have access to contact solution and a great alternative that I’ve found are eye drops. I never leave home without them!
  • Kleenex – I try to always have a travel size pack of Kleenex in my purse. Not only do they make a good napkin, but also double as toilet paper when the dreaded port-a-potty has run out. There has also been plenty of times when I order through the driveway only to figure out that they only put one napkin in there.

So there you have it! These are my top 5 essentials that I always carry with me in my purse. I also include my wallet, keys, and phone but thought that should be a given.

What are your purse essentials?


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