Recipe – How to Make the Perfect Guacamole

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Millennials, we are so obsessed with avocados. Not only are they delicious, but they are healthy and make a great addition to your meal. Today I’m going to show you my rendition of guacamole that my family loves.

Serving Size
2-3 people

1 large ripe avocado
1 medium tomato
1 medium white onion
1/4 cup of cilantro
1/4 cup jalapeño juice

Seasoning: salt, pepper, lime


  1. Cut your tomato and white onion in small squares
  2. Cut your cilantro into small pieces until you have approximately 1/4 of a cup
  3. In a bowl, smash the ripe avocado with a spoon until smooth consistency – do not throw the avocado pit away!
  4. Mix the tomato, onion, and cilantro with the avocado
  5. Open a can of jalapeños and add the juice
  6. Add salt, pepper, and lime to taste
  7. Include the avocado pit into the guac mix


  • We all know avocados are famous for turning brown the second you look away. Saving the avocado pit will help the guacamole from turning brown.
  • For the cilantro, you can eyeball the amount. I like having equal amounts of tomato, onion, and cilantro. Most of the times I will grab a handful of cilantro, start cutting and add more cilantro if I need to.
  • The more jalapeño juice you include, the spicier the guacamole but also the thinner the consistency. If you like a thicker guacamole use less juice.

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