Fashion Posts!


As many may have noticed, I have not uploaded any blog posts into the fashion category. Well, I have a surprise! Starting next week (July 23rd) I will start posting in the fashion category a couple of times a week.  I have been preparing my room, mirrors, and camera so that they can help show the complete outfit. Below is a quick FAQ.

How often will you upload into the fashion category?: My plan is to try and upload at least twice a week alternating between 9 to 5 and off duty glam.

What types of outfits will you be showcasing?: 9 to 5 will be your typical business / business casual outfits. Off Duty Glam will include anything that is not office appropriate. This means that I might upload a casual outfit, a going out outfit, a gym outfit, anything goes.

Why are you separating fashion between 9 to 5 and Off Duty Glam?: Apart from being a blogger, I am a corporate professional and one problem I see is that there isn’t a lot of blogs that showcase professional clothing. Most of the blogs posts are too casual for typical corporate settings, so I’m trying to differentiate myself and help others with the dilemma of what to wear at work.

Will there be content with the post?: With all posts, I will try to link the page where you can find the clothing item. A lot of my shopping is done at discount retailers like Marshalls, TJ Max, Ross, etc. so I may not be able to find the exact item. In those cases where I can’t find the exact link to the item, I will try to find an alternative of similar size, color, and price.

Will you still post in your other categories? (Food, Beauty, Blog): Yes! I will still be posting content in the other categories. You will still be able to enjoy my other posts while having additional fashion content to read!

Also: I will be posting my outfits on Instagram and tagging stores on my pictures for easy access to their sites. If you recreate the look, feel free to follow and tag me on Instagram. I love seeing other people’s takes on fashion and outfits!


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