First Impression – NYX HydraTouch Primer

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.19.33 PM.png

Beauty lovers, today I will be giving my first impression on the NYX Hydra Touch Primer. If you’re looking for a hydrating primer, check out this first impression!

I’ve been into a more fresh, glowy makeup look lately and looking for a new primer. A week ago, I went to Ulta to buy makeup and ran across this primer. I hadn’t heard anything about this primer and almost went with the NYX Angel Veil primer but decided on this one after seeing the other one was out of stock.

First Impression: Fresh, light weight primer that reminds me of the drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer. I applied my moisturizer, face water, and then the primer. Once I applied on my skin, it felt light and moisturizing. It also blurred out pores and imperfections, which is something I look for in a primer of course.

How it Wore: It wore good, most of my makeup was still on by the end of the day. I did get oily, but I usually always get oily on hot summer days so that is expected.

Next Day: Here’s where the problem started. The next day I woke up with a couple breakouts. Keep in mind, it wasn’t at a time when I break out. I had no reason to breakout other than being the primer’s fault. The breakouts were in random locations in my lower cheek close to my mouth, so it was kind of weird. At first, I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting the breakouts and almost forgot that I had tried on the primer the day before.  I haven’t been using any other new products so this has to be at fault.

Next to Come: I will keep on using this primer. It works as it’s supposed to but my skin is reacting weird to it. It might just need time to adjust to a new product. So far I really like it, but if it keeps breaking me out, then I will have to stop using it. I will start fresh next Monday and keep using it daily.

My first impressions are deliberately shorter than my reviews.**

Have you tried this primer and had similar results? Please let me know if you want a full review of this product after using it for a couple weeks.


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