Life Update

lifeHappy Friday!

Hello from the East Coast! I hopped on a plane last week and have been here for a business conference. My schedule has been packed with activities, training, and networking opportunities.

Anyways here are some life updates that have been happening these past few weeks!

Taste of Chicago
If you didn’t know, I am a native from Chicago, so naturally I love to attend fun festivals and events around the city, especially in the summer!

My cousins and I attended our first ever Taste of Chicago last week and let me tell you, I was not prepared for it! Being from Chicago, you would think that I was used to the summer heat, but I’m not. We got lucky and went to the taste on one of the hottest days.

The “Taste” is the world’s largest food festival, held for five days in July in Chicago’s very own Grant Park. There are food vendors and food trucks you can buy off of, live music you can listen to, and great art you can admire.

For a couple dollars, you can get mini and sample versions of a variety of food. From pizza to stir fry, there’s something here for your tastebuds.

Work Wardrobe Essentials
I’ve been busy these past few weeks searching for business casual clothing. Business casual can be hard to define as it can mean various things. Some companies define business casual as jeans and a polo, while others define it as a black skirt with a nice blouse and heels. Fortunately, the company that I work for has business casual dress code.

However, that has made it harder for me to buy a new wardrobe. HM has been a lifesaver for building up my wardrobe. They were having a sale a couple weeks ago and 4/5 clothing items I found were on sale. I love a good find!

Full Time Work / Training
As a new grad, I’ve been enjoying my summer vacation way too much. Essentially, I haven’t been doing anything exciting but it’s still a break off of studying and working. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have officially started as a full-time worker in Corporate America and can’t be more excited!

I’ve been in a convention/training in the east coast this past week and it has been amazing. Not only has it been my first time in the east coast, but it’s been my first time traveling in the U.S.

Lots of firsts for me but have been really excited and can’t wait to see what the journey holds. I’m actually on my way back to Chicago and by the time this post goes up, will be back at home. On Monday, I will meet with my team once more and am really nervous for what’s to come!

That’s all that has been happening in my life this past month. We are at the half way point of the month which means summer is almost over!

Before the summer ends, i have a couple of parties that I am looking forward to attending. One in particular is a quinceañera and possibly a block party. I love any opportunity I get to dress up and can’t wait!

That is all I have for today. Be safe and have a great weekend! xo.



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