Four Makeup Essentials You Need in Your Purse

Makeup EssentialsDo you have a lot of makeup in your purse? Want to scale down to the essentials? Well this is the list you’re looking for! Today we’re talking about the four makeup essentials you shouldn’t leave your house without and a few tips on other ways they can be used.

A finishing powder is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. A powder is perfect to keep the shine away and can refreshen your look before meeting with a client.

*Powder is a perfect alternative for dry shampoo when needed.

Had a long night? Concealer will be your BFF. It can act as a foundation or you can use it alone to cover imperfections like acne and dark under eyes.

Find the perfect color to compliment your skin and make it your go-to. If you need to freshen up your look and add color, this is perfect.

*Pick a lip color that can also double as blush. This will make you look lively.

Multipurpose Balm
You should never leave your house without a multipurpose balm. A multipurpose balm is not only good for chapped lips, but it can also act as a moisturizer for places like your elbows and hydrate cuticles.

*You can also use a multipurpose balm to calm fly aways.

Keeping 20 makeup items in your purse is not efficient. It’s bulky, and you probably never use it all. These are the four things, I never leave my house without and you shouldn’t either! Now head over to your purse and purge! Clean out and leave behind the makeup you don’t need on a daily basis.


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