How to Pack a Carry-on for a 5 Day Business Trip – Business Casual Edition

Business trip.png

For my ladies out there, here is the perfect guide to planning a 5 day business trip in a carry on luggage! Business Casual Edition!

They key to packing in a carry-on are basics. Throughout the post you will see that I focus on having neutral colors and basics. Adding color to your outfits with accessories is key with a five day trip.

For a five day trip, choose 3 bottoms that you can swap around four days. My personal favorites are a blank ankle pant, a pencil skirt, and dark wash jeans. You can swap these around and no one will notice the difference.

Pack 4 shirts that can go with every bottom. Pick a long sleeve blouse, a short sleeve blouse, and a sleeveless blouse, and a shirt of choice. Don’t forget to mix and match with patterns, fabrics, and colors. Packing an fifth shirt is always a good idea because it doesn’t take much space but can come in handy.

Unless you’ll be in business meetings and fancy dinners, pack one dress that is versatile. You can always dress up a dress by pairing it with heels and a nice blazer. My favorite is a sheath dress.

Two pairs of flats and one pair of heels. Preferably a black and nude pair of flats and one pair of a neutral colored heel is all that you’ll need. To dress up any outfit, you can wear the heels and to dress down an outfit and be comfortable, pick flats.

Pack one nice blazer or cardigan that can be layered with the outfits above. Again, neutral colors unless you want to make a statement with your blazer.

The most important part to packing is planning your outfits before you leave. Choosing the top, bottom, shoes, and accessories ahead of time will help you pack the necessary items. Here’s an example plan that I would make before a trip:

Monday: Grey long sleeve silk blouse, navy pencil skirt, black flats, statement necklace

Tuesday: Green v-neck short sleeve blouse, black ankle pants, nude flats, studded earrings, watch

Wednesday: Navy sheath dress, black heels, pearl earrings

Thursday: Pink sleeveless polyester blouse, black ankle pants, black flats, studded earrings, ring

Friday: Navy Blazer, white sleeveless blouse, dark wash jeans, nude flats. statement necklace

There you have it! Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you next time you go on a 5 day business trip. Lately, I’ve been having plenty of them so I’ve become somewhat of a pro at packing only using a carry on.


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