First Impression: Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette


Beauty lovers, today I’ll be doing a first impression on the Carli Bybel X BH Cosmetics Deluxe Edition Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette. It’s been a such awaited purchase and I finally found it in stores this past weekend!

I’ve been looking get more orange-y toned eyeshadows in my life and I just got them! This past weekend, I went into Ulta for a new eyeliner – the Stila and came out with extra makeup that I didn’t need. (This always happens! Ulta and Target runs are dangerous for my wallet!)

First Impression: 15 eyeshadow colors, 6 highlighters. Highly pigmented and a mix of matte and shimmer shadows. Pretty colors that I don’t have in any previous eyeshadow palettes, some similar but some completely different. Shadows and highlighters have a buttery blendable formula.

How it Wore: I wore it out to a party. It wore good, a bit of the shimmer shadows wore off by the end of the day but I didn’t wear finishing spray or primer. The matte shadows were still very pigmented regardless. The colors are amazing I wish they had names so that I could show you which shadows I used and the ones I’m most excited to use.

Packaging: Really nice packaging. Marble design with rose gold accents. I like that it includes a big mirror, meaning it is perfect for travel. Doesn’t come with brushes, but I usually never use the brushes eyeshadow palettes come with.

Next to Come: I will keep on using this eyeshadow palette in the next upcoming weeks. I probably will not be trying out the highlighters as much but I will try. I’ll most likely be trying out the two columns from the right next weekend. I’ll be uploading pictures onto my Instagram so make sure to follow!

My first impressions are deliberately shorter than my reviews.**

Have you tried this palette ? Please let me know if you want a full review of this product. xo


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