Everything You Knew About Wearing Bras Is Wrong

Have you been wearing your bras on the correct way? Activist and educator Brittany Packnett shared the instructions of wearing a bra by ThirdLove, and many women were shook!

This afternoon, @MsPackyetti tweeted shared a picture of the instructions included in one of ThirdLove’s bras. This caused quite a commotion in the Twitter world. Many women tweeted out saying they’ve been putting on bras the wrong way their whole life.

Luckily, I had learned the information from a Victoria’s Secret sales associate, two years ago – yes a sales associate told me! Here’s what she explained to me:

  1. Wear Bra on the Loosest Hook –  You wear your bra on the loosest hook so that when it becomes looser, you move on in. If you wear your bra on the tightest hook, you have no tighter hook to move it to when it becomes loose.
  2. Gather Each Breast Into Cups – After you have hooked your bra on, grab your hand and cup each breast and pull outwards. If you don’t do this, you breast tissue is all over the place. You’ll always get a fuller look with this trick.
  3. Tighten The Straps Monthly – Regular wear and tear gets the best of each bra. It is important to regularly tighten the straps, if you don’t the straps get looser and will eventually look unflattering.

Thanks @MsPayetti for reminding and informing us how to correctly wear a bra!


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