High End Dupes For Less

HIGH END DUPESLove high-end fashion but hate the high price tag? Today I’m showing you how to get the same look for less. Holidays are up and around the corner, so you’ll be looking fab without breaking the bank.

Sophia Webster Chiara Butterfly Wing Ankle-Wrap Sandal

Originals $800 | Dupes $34

These Sophia Webster Chiara heels are adorable! These are great to make a statement wearing a little black dress. Originally over $800, you can buy the dupes for $34 and look amazing. Sure they probably won’t last as long as the original shoes but you’re not spending as much as you would for the originals.

Giuseppe Zanotti Heeled Sandals CRUEL

Originals $1595 | Dupes $55

The first time I saw the Giuseppe Zanotti Heeled Sandals was at my local Nordstrom Rack. I don’t remember the price (cheaper than the original) but it certainly was not in my price range. When I came across these dupes, I was ecstatic. For a lot less, you can have the same design as the originals.

YEEZY Season 2 Transparent Sandals

Originals $495 | Dupes $23

I’ve seen these YEEZY Sandals everywhere but can’t fork over almost $500 for shoes that I can only wear out. Luckily, Amazon has the same dupes for less than $30. Literally, looks the same as the originals.

PUMA Women’s Puma x Rihanna Sneaker Booties

Originals $190 | Dupes $33

I’ve been obsessed with Rihanna lately so when I found these cute sneaker heels, I thought SCORE! These are not too expensive when compared with the other shoes but hey, not everyone has $100 laying around. These are great for the girl who likes the sneaker look but wants heels.


Originals $795 | Dupes $34

Another YEEZY dupe. Winter in Chicago is right around the corner and you know what I am obsessed with? BOOTS! When I saw these YEEZY boots I was in love, and quickly fell out of it when I saw the price tag. Fortunately, the dupes are running at $34 and are nearly identical!

Well those are the 5 High End dupe shoes I found. I love good quality shoes, but if it’s not an item I will use everyday (like a purse or beauty item), I will try to look for a cheaper dupe! Happy Dupe Shopping!


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