Real Techniques – Expert Blending Duo

REALReal Techniques is out with the expert blending duo which comes with a silicone like applicator and the blending sponge. Is it a dupe for the Silisponge? Keep on reading to find out!

I went to Kohl’s this weekend to spend my $10 Kohl’s cash and couldn’t find anything ($10 or under) to spend it on. I went to the makeup / beauty section at Kohl’s and while I was looking at the Real Techniques display, I realized they came out with new sponges, the expert blending duo. The Real Techniques Expert Blending Duo was $11, so I ended up paying less than a dollar for both sponges. it came with the Miracle Complexion spong and a silicone sponge. The silicone sponge automatically is a dupe to the ever so known, Silisponge!

First Impression: 2 Sponges: one silicone, one Miracle Complexion (MC) sponge. Both sponges are orange have a tear drop shape with a straight edge on one side. The MC sponge being three dimensional and the silicone sponge two dimensional. The MC sponge is soft and bouncy, the silicone sponge has an indented side that forms an ever so slight ‘bowl shaped middle’.

How it worked: I used the silicone sponge to apply my L’Oreal Pro Glow in shade 202. As a first impression, I think the sponge did a great job in applying my foundation. I will admit, it was a bit tough to buff the foundation into my skin and it might have taken longer than my regular Beauty Blender. Not sure if it was because I’m a newbie or because it generally takes longer because it absorbs less product. I used it dry, as recommended and realized I needed to use my Beauty Blender to set my foundation. I used the RT miracle complexion sponge that came in the kit on a separate day. It was good to use wet and worked as intended. Wasn’t too different than any other sponge.

Packaging: Nice packaging. Real Techniques always has easy to open packaging. Instructions included on the packaging: 1. Apply product to forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin with the foundation applicator (silicone sponge) using a tapping motion; 2. Using a damp or dry miracle complexion sponge, blend + bounce foundation into your skin. (Oops, looks like I didn’t read the instructions!)

Next to Come: As you can tell, you’re supposed to use the silicone sponge, and then the miracle complexion sponge it comes with to achieve the perfect look. I will keep using the sponges, this time together, and will update you in a couple weeks. So far I’m liking the sponge because it uses less product, I can rinse it right away, and it dries within minutes (I’ve been  having a hard time drying my sponges here in Chicago)!


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